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· The orientation and well being of international students
· Assistance during the admission process
· Support for Undergraduate, Graduate and English students
· Coordination between international student groups and other resources and staff at Wilkes
· Programming of activities of global interest and for integration between international and domestic students

International Student Services, IEP

International Student Services, IEP
Felixa, Georgia, Kimberly

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


How did you like snowtubing? Was it something we should do again? Do you think your friends back home would like to go on a trip like this?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Reflections

Ziwei writes,
We have a great time with Mr. Dimmick's family, and thank you very much for your arrangement. Here are some information.

Mr. Dimmick picked us up from the school. On the road, we had a short talk. When we arrived, Mr. Dimmick led us to visit his beautiful house. And before dinner, we met all family member, Mrs. Dimmick, his daughter Samantha, his son Ryan. They gave us a warm welcome and both of us exchanged some basic information. The Thanksgiving dinner was very delicious and traditional with food made by turkey, pumpkin, potato, cranberry, etc. During the dinner, we had a happy conversation. We talked too much and happily even we forgot to eat our food. After dinner, we played some games together gladly. The time was gone faster, we had to say goodbye to go home. We really had a very happy and unforgettable time at this Thanksgiving Day.

Rob Kocher writes,
Lin's email reminded me that I wanted to touch base with you about Thanksgiving dinner. We really did have a great time with Lin and Enliang. They were very respectful, asked engaging questions, shared about some of their customs from China, were receptive to our traditions, and overall were fun to be with. As my wife grew up overseas and as I've had much contact with international people, I think the holiday dinner is a great opportunity your school gives these students. I hope Thanksgiving was a positive day for all the students and families involved.